Wednesday 18 July 2012

The L&M Porsche Can-Am Champion by Stephen Cox

It doesn't happen often that a beautiful book is being published for free. This is exactly what happened with Stephen Cox's monograph about the famous L&M Porsche Can-Am that represents the ultimate brutal racer of all times. It took over 1000 bhp for Porsche+Audi 917/10 of George Follmer and Penske to win the 1972 Can-Am Championship ahead of the McLaren team and the story behind it is beautifully told in this book. This very car is possibly the pinnacle of unlimited sport racer of all times and is nice to see such effort to present the car ahead of the auction at Mecum Monterey, August 16-18. It is indeed worth reading till the last page and the pictures are worth your best coffee table book.
Please click HERE to enjoy.

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