Wednesday 27 June 2012

A Gentleman and a DB6

I've always thought that what makes classic cars such an enjoyable environment to be part of is some of the fantastic people that belongs to it. Mind you, it is unfortunately not always the case but when a great car is driven by a nice person the joy is exponentially bigger.
On my way home from work I spotted an astonishingly restored DB6 just out of the workshop peacefully resting on a driveway. This town is compulsive about strangers taking pictures outside the usual touristic spots and I know way too well how tricky it can be. I decided to take out my camera nevertheless and moreover I decided not to hide it when a distinguished gentleman came out of the front door and stepped towards the car. To my surprise he didn't get nervous and on the contrary he politely asked if I was done with the picture, he simply didn't want to ruin the shot. I told him straight away that I would have loved the picture to be in my blog minus the licence plate and he happily agreed. We then had a little conversation and I asked if it was a '66. To my surprise he answered "I guess you're right, I can't remember right now. We restored a couple of these, you know". A quick and friendly chat followed and I have to say he obviously didn't look like a mechanic. He didn't say more about who he was and why "they restored a couple of these" and I decided not to ask. We parted in a friendly matter and I left with a smile on my face. Three days later I'm still wondering who he was and I'm still happy I didn't ask.

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